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Apostle Ron Banks: Pastor, teacher, preacher, deliverer, discerner of spirits, with a healing anointing, who operates in a word of knowledge and in the prophetic, is known as a man of integrity and trust.   Ron was born the third of seven children in Avonmore Pennsylvania to the late Deacon Lorin Banks and Minister Bertha Banks.  

Apostle Banks evaded the Christian life and the call of destiny upon his life for over 20 years and may have been cut off but God kept him because of his mother’s prayers.

In the late 1980’s Ron relocated to Dayton Ohio by way of Richmond Indiana, where he resided a short while. It was during that time that his mother saw her prayers being answered.  Ron visited a church in Middletown, Ohio (Power of Deliverance Ministries), where the Holy Spirit was in operation with the gifts of the Spirit.  Although a little frightened, Ron knew that his calling had something to do with this type of ministry.   Shortly afterward, Ron totally committed his life to the Lord and was filled with the Holy Ghost.   The Holy Spirit began to do fast work in him. He continued to be faithful to God and the place of worship where God had assigned Him. Ron became a student of the word and endeavored to learn more about God.  In 1992 Ron was licensed to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ by Bishop Keith Brooks at Power of deliverance, Middletown, Ohio.  There Ron served on the deliverance team and taught several Christian classes

In June 1994 Ron married Minister Gerri Thomas and moved to Cincinnati Ohio. Considering how uniquely God put them together, it was evident that God had a plan for them to be a dynamic duo in the kingdom of God. In Cincinnati, they united with New Bethesda Apostolic Church under the leadership of Bishop Raleigh Lee Jr. There Ron was ordained Elder to the full works of the gospel. Elder Ron worked diligently with the ministry until the Lord led him to organize Power and Faith Ministries.

March 21, 1997 Power and Faith Ministries was organized; and on April 6, 1997, Pastor Banks, his wife Gerri, and two sisters held their first service as a ministry.  It was the Lord’s doing and marvelous in his eyes.

In 2001 Apostle Ron was ordained as an Apostle under the auspices of Bishop James H.  Ealey of Detroit Michigan.

Through the years, God is continually using Apostle Ron to operate in the Kingdom of God; God’s church, and with God’s people.  Many are being saved, filled with the Holy Spirit, delivered, and healed from cancer and other diseases. Many families are being restored. Young people are being delivered from drugs and other addicted ungodly habits because there is a man of God who loves and cares for them with the love of God.

God has also anointed and assigned Apostle Ron Banks to anoint prayer cloths and give them to people in need of healing and deliverance. These prayers clothes are now being received by a diversity of people all over the country, and there are testimonies of healings from cancer and other incurable diseases. There are people that needed jobs and sometimes jobs were not only given to them but in several instances, jobs were created for individuals. The prayer cloths have been placed on people in hospitals and in hospice, who have walked out when they previously saw no hope. The presence of God is thick in Power and Faith Ministries because his presence lives inside of God’s leaders.

Apostle Ron Banks along with his wife  Pastor Gerri Banks continues to maintain a place for the public worship of God, bringing harmony among diverse people, while building a Christian, caring, and safe neighborhood. They are about family and the home. They have served in the pastorate for over 23 years.  As a team, Apostle Ron and Pastor Gerri address concerns, tackle problems, build character, bring management back to those who have been mismanaged and through God’s guidance, perform whatever task necessary, to positively affect people, as they touch and change the world, one family at a time. Apostle Ron and Pastor Gerri Banks are blessed with four adult children and nine grandchildren.

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