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From the Desk of the Apostle

Fresh from the Press: 


After many hours of prayer, planning, and designing, Power & Faith Ministries was founded in April 1997 and started operation in that same month.  


Our new and fresh vision is to create an environment which will be driven by passion rather than obligation. A place where we try to make every day "count" for us as well as others. A place where every day becomes a Friday. Because work doesn't have to feel like work, if you really like what you do. Our new philosophy will be very simple; make every day count for the Kingdom of God, “seize the day."

Planning life strategies.

Power & Faith Ministries is more about being ourselves rather than just being different. By truly being ourselves, we are not subscribing to any trend but rather redefining our own walk. As a result, I guess many things do set us apart; including our new philosophy, our design, our positioning in the marketplace of soul winning, and our business style and character. We will be starting to work from two levels now:

1. Offline- in house


2. Online - Internet

After all, we have to use different bait to catch different fish. It's time we embrace Instagram, Google, Twitter, Blogging, Webpages, Podcasts and the likes as ambassadors to expand the Kingdom of God, while we continue working our vision and pulling together, our members, new partners, potential partners as we bless and expand the Kingdom of God while we all enjoying that God has placed before us.

All of our members are extremely important and very special to us.  When I sit back, grab a moment of fresh air, take a bite out of my vision sandwich while looking over our entire core selection that is now comprised of so many talents (but not so surprising to me). I am the first to admit, I Apostle Banks and Gerri Banks "ARE" truly blessed. You guys make this ministry, "Better".



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