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The Power of Words - Kimberly Joy
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Geraldine Banks (Gerri) is a longtime prayer warrior, intercessor, preacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ who strives on holiness, integrity and trust.  Gerri says her God given talents, gifts and anointing is not for her, but is given to her to operate in the Kingdom of God. Gerri focus is that her teaching and prophetic preaching inspires, delivers, encourage, challenges and change others to become followers of Christ. She endeavors to live a life that exemplify Christ and speaks much more than her words. .

Gerri was born in Collins Georgia where she received her high school academic diploma at the age of 16. Gerri received her Business Management Education  from Southern Ohio College, Certified Accounting training from Cincinnati Technical College(Cincinnati State) and her Computer training and skills from Scarlet Oak College, Cincinnati, Ohio. While at Southern Ohio, Gerri was hired by General Electric Company, where she worked for 34 years and held several accounting and administrative positions within the company until retirement.


Gerri also completed a two year course at Cincinnati Christian College, with focus in Evangelism. She holds other Certificates in Catechism /Christian courses. Gerri never cease receiving more knowledge and learning more about the word of God.

The Lord has given Gerri victory in many life circumstances. She has prayed for many who were instantly healed, led many to Christ and many were baptized with the Holy Spirit. During the late 80’s while employed at GE, Gerri led a particular CEO to the Lord as she touched his hands in his office where he sat secretly dying from the aids virus. In another setting Gerri called life back into her Manager’s body. She also called life back into the body of a stranger, while at Kings Island Park.

Being a Career Woman seems to be a never ending story for Gerri. Presently Gerri is a Tax Advisor for H&R Block Tax Services at the Brentwood Office, Cincinnati, Ohio.  You can also hear her weekly on her radio show "POWER & FAITH TODAY", that she hosts on Cincinnati's own "INSPIRATION 1050AM".


Pastor Gerri is married to Apostle Ron Banks, who is Pastor of Power & Faith Ministries, Cincinnati, Ohio. They have served in the pastorate for over 17 years.  As a team, Pastor Gerri and Apostle Ron address concerns, tackle problems, build character, bring management back to those who have been mismanaged and through God’s guidance, perform whatever task necessary, to positively affect   people, as they touch and change the world, one family at a time.

















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