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Power & Faith Theatrical Players Drama Ministry!  A place where the presence and the love of God is in the "Action".   

"Our mission is to witness to those who may not know Christ or may have fallen away, by bringing forth productions that everyone can relate to in their lives." ~ Power & Faith Theatrical Players

Established in December 2012, by Sylvia Woods and Kimberly Joy Thomas under the leadership of Pastors Ron and Gerri Banks,Power and Faith Theatrical Players is a ministry designed to bring forth a message that ministers to and uplifts its audience and, most importantly, glorifies God. Through drama, singing and dancing, our prayer is that an atmosphere is created to bring about positive change. As Jesus says in Luke 14:23, we want to "go out into the highways and hedges and compel them to come" to know God and the blessings He has in store for their lives. The ministry was officially launched on Saturday, February 23, 2013, in celebration of Black History Month with its first play "Who Told You?" written by Sylvia Woods. Going on to produce and perform other productions such as, "I Loved You on Purpose, The Greatest Gift, and At The Cross".

The Cast of "WHO TOLD YOU?"
Judge Trudy Truth
Defense Attorney - Delores Deception
Ms. Black Wallstreet & Justice
Queen of the Nile "Cleopatra"
Dr. Martin L. King
The Dream Killers on Trial
Sam Slavery being sworn in.
Lola "LackofKnowledge"
Hilary "Hatred"
Jessica Jezzabel & Obediah
Freddy "Fear"
Future Players

 Their latest production "I Am NOT My Mama, which was written and starring Kimberly Joy is a one-woman stage play of a young mother and wife on the pathway to destruction. You'll laugh, you'll cry even but it will leave you thinking when you see this awesome production!

The play centers around Terri, a woman who seems to be living the dream---a loving family, a luxurious home and a successful business! When a particular incident forces her to take a good, hard look within, she must then ask herself if she's really living the dream or just a fantasy!

Directed By Sylvia "Aunt Syl" Woods, "it also features actor Mark Ward. 

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